Holy Eucharist

Holy Communion is also called The Holy Eucharist, The Great Thanksgiving, The Lord”s Supper, The Mass, and no doubt by other names as well. Call it what ever you want. At. St. Luke”s Chapel you are likely to hear all of these names at some point.

All Baptized Christians who are in love with our Lord Jesus Christ are welcome to receive Holy Eucharist. If you are still unsure whether you can receive the Eucharist, the rule of thumb is, if you are a member of another Christian church and you can receive Communion at your church, you can receive the Eucharist at ours.

We receive the Eucharist at the Communion Rail and stay there until all at the Rail have communed. If you are physically unable to come to the rail, the Priest shall come to you. Please let the Priest or Deacon know prior to the start of the service if you need this help.

There are two ways to receive Holy Eucharist at our church. The first is to receive it directly on the tongue. The second is to receive it in the hand. If you received the Eucharist on your tongue, you will also be offered wine from the Chalice. If you do not want to drink the wine, just cross your arms over your chest, and we will not offer the Chalice to you. If you received the Eucharist in your hand and have not eaten it before we bring the Chalice, we will pick up the Host, dip it in the wine, and place it on your tongue. This is called intinction and many at our church receive the Eucharist in this way.

If you wish to come up only for a blessing during Holy Eucharist, please just cross your arms over your chest, and the priest will bless you.

Holy Eucharist is one of our most important sacraments. It provides us, through the Real Presence of Christ, with spiritual strength, nourishment, and grace. We would be honored if you could join us for this very important sacrament.