Baptismal FontHoly Baptism is an incredibly important Sacrament of the Church. Through Baptism we become the children of God, and we become part of the Christian Church. The water spiritually washes away the guilt of all sins, and we receive forgiveness from God, as well as the benefits of being united with the Lord Jesus Christ in His death and resurrection (Romans 6). We become inheritors of His legacy, a legacy that includes life eternal.

In the Sacrament of Holy Baptism, we reject Satan, sin, and everything that draws us from God’s love, and we invite God into our hearts and minds, resolving to follow Jesus Christ as Lord all our lives. In the case of infants and very young children, parents and godparents make these Baptismal vows on their behalf. This is how we begin our lives as Christians.

At St. Luke’s Chapel we baptize adults, children, and infants. We have no fixed dates for Baptism, though some dates, like Easter, are traditionally dates for Baptism. We try to be flexible in our dates and make efforts to accommodate families.

If you would like to be baptized, know someone who would, or would like your child baptized, please contact the Rector to arrange an opportunity to sit down and discuss this important first step in your journey with Christ.